About us

Our specialist area is liability insurance focussing in particular on the medical and professional lines areas of activity

Steve Crowley

Steve Crowley is the founder and Chairman of Crowley and Associates. Steve started in the insurance industry in 1976. His experience is invaluable particularly in these times when some premiums are on the rise.

Steve has developed long standing connections over the years both in Lloyd’s and the UK market in general. This affords Steve and his clients to highly competitive premiums from professional insurers.

EMAIL : steve.crowley@crowleyaa.com

Natasha Sikah

Tash has over 15 years’ successful experience in sales and marketing both in UK and USA. She loves to work with new clients, bringing them on board in a simple and professional manner, meaning, very little for you to do, Tash does it all! Tash has been with the company since December 2020 and has already made a huge difference bringing important new clients to the table and signing them up, happy customers! You can connect with Tash on LinkedIn or at her email.
EMAIL : natasha.sikah@crowleyaa.com